Casualbob's Unofficial Kin Wallet Viewer

Welcome Kin-friend. Enter your Kin 4 Solana wallet address here to check the balance, or click the 'Kin 3 (Old Stellar)' tab at the top to find your Kin 4 Solana address from your old Kin 3 Stellar address.

Kin 4 address

If you don't know your new Kin 4 Solana address yet, enter your old Kin 3 Stellar address here and we'll find it for you.

Kin 3 address

I have blatantly pinched this conversion code off the Migration Page... hope y'all at the Foundation don't mind :-)

If this converter doesn't work, to find your Kin 4 address from your Kin 3 address use the converter on this page:
Kin 3 to Kin 4 public address converter (new window)

Tip: Bookmark this page after entering your address to quickly check your balance any time.

This page cannot access your Kin in any way, it's simply looking at your public wallet address. This page does not record the addresses you type in.

I made this with love for the whole Kin Foundation and Community. Thanks Ted & Co *thumbs up smiley*.

Kind regards, Casualbob